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Baby shower toy train engine for helping choose best games

Baby Shower Games Recommender is a web app that helps you create uplifting and memorable celebrations by finding the right games for your party.

Developed by a tiny but scrappy team of busy professionals, this app grew out of our own struggles to find the best games for life’s milestone festivities. Reading blog after blog, scrolling through lists of games arranged in no particular order, we sunk too many hours into a task that could have taken minutes!

Armed with our data science background and passion for making useful tools, we set out to build a better solution. An app that helps create the right vibe for your celebration by finding the most suitable games. An app that delivers a complete game-by-game playbook tailored to your needs. An app that saves time.

We strongly believe that the tools of modern technology can be used not only to find the best TV series to watch on Netflix or book to read on Kindle, but to minimize the time we spend on all kinds of mundane tasks. By leveraging that tech, we can reclaim our time for the more joyous things in life. So let us help you do less planning and more playing!

With this app, our hope is to bring the well-known tools of machine learning to make baby shower decision-making just a bit easier. Most importantly, the algorithm and the resulting game recommendations you find here are informed by research and user feedback and are never biased by paid advertisements or affiliate sponsorships.

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If you would like to help improve this app for your fellow shower planners, please drop us a line below. Your feedback is what helps us grow, and we would love to hear from you! Thanks in advance!

Comments & Feedback

Comments & Feedback

We value your feedback! Please let us know what's great about this recommender engine and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve! Thank you!

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