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How does this recommender engine work?

When you specify what kind of baby shower you would like to have, this lil’ recommender engine is off to find what YOU are looking for! Within seconds, it sifts through numerous baby games, rated on energy, conversation, and intimacy dimensions, and finds your top matches. The included games cover the spectrum from the easy Baby Shower Mad Libs to the high-energy Baby Charades.

With the top matches in hand, the engine estimates the approximate duration of each game based on your guest count and chooses the games that fit your desired duration of play time. Finally, the engine arranges games in a flow that favors a warm-up game whenever possible, allowing guests to settle in and get into the groove, and wraps up the shower with a more chatty game, ending the party on a warm note.

The best way to save your tailored results is to print them out or save them as a pdf on your device. To do that, scroll down to the bottom of the Recommender Engine page and click “Print.”
More than anything, this recommender engine wants to give you only the top-rated games based on your preferences! As this engine is still quite young (a baby, really), it might not yet know enough games that match your specs to last the full duration of your desired playtime. But don’t despair, this engine is growing all the time as we continue to add new games to our database! For now, please check out the other recommended games to see if they might be a fit for your shower.