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Baby Mad Libs

Baby shower women having fun

If you’re looking to add light fun and office-friendly amusement to your shower, Baby Mad Libs may be a good choice. In this game, guests are asked to write down a series of nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and then carry them over into a short story with lots of missing words, substituting their words into the blanks. Going around the room and having guests share their short story is bound to spark some chuckles and laughs at the outrageous results!

To play in person, you can use a free and fun template from Project Nursery. Before the shower, print out enough copies of the template for all your guests and have the pens ready. During the shower, pass out the first page of the template to all guests and give them a few minutes to fill out their words. Once everyone is done, pass out the second page with the storyline and have the guests carry over their words.

To play virtually, you can use the same free template from Project Nursery. The easiest way to play is to pull up the first page of the template on your device and share your screen during the Zoom meeting. The guests can then write down the words on their own pieces of paper (or type them in on their laptops). When they’re done, you can scroll down to the second page of the template and have the guests read out the story by substituting their own words into the blanks.