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Baby Shower Games

Two women awkwardly putting diapers on teddy bears while blindfolded as they play a baby shower game

Let’s face it, the state of baby shower planning in the 21st century needs a makeover! Too many of us have been to showers where we were stuck playing generic games rather than chatting away with our friends or were put in a silly spot in front of coworkers. Considering the millions of details involved in planning a baby shower, there is often not enough time to think about your guests’ preferences, sift through numerous game descriptions, and find the best fit for your group. We say, it’s time to bring some modern algorithm magic to this process and make the game selection a breeze!

We built a recommender engine that takes your baby shower’s preferences and creates a custom games playbook in seconds. Take it for a spin and find the highest-rated games for your shower!

To learn more about the algorithm that powers this recommender engine, please visit our FAQs.

And if you would like to take a look at some of the games included in the recommender, take a sneak peak here: