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The Game of Emoji’s (FREE game with answers!)

The baby-themed emoji game is an easy-breezy favorite that is quick to set up and fun to play. In this game, the names of popular baby songs and books are represented by you guessed it – emoji’s! 😄💖🍼 The goal of the game is to be the first to correctly guess the name of the baby song/book.

To play virtually or in person, use our FREE PPT Emoji game (or alternatively, the pdf version).

When playing virtually, just pull up the game on your device and share your screen. Go through the slides one by one, have your guests type in the answer into the chat, and the first person to get it right scores! When playing in person, cast your screen to a TV and have your guests shout out the answers for more lively time. At the end, have your guests tally up their points – one point per each correct answer – and the person with the highest score becomes the Emoji-Master!🏆