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Recommender Engine

Get custom baby shower games recommendations for your celebration!

A unique group of friends and a mommy-to-be having a fun baby shower

A genuine connection. Hearty belly-laughs and hilarious banter. The feeling of closeness with folks you haven’t seen in months. We built this recommender engine to help you find the top-rated baby shower games that set just the right tone for your celebration, unleashing the potential for an authentic and memorable time with your friends and loved ones.

What’s our magic sauce? Well, this recommender engine listens to what YOU want! You say how lively, chatty, and personal you would like your baby shower to be, and this lil’ engine will sort through diverse baby games to find the ones that best match your preferences, guest count, and the desired duration of playtime. Whether you are looking to connect over sweet Mommy or Daddy? questions or have an absolute blast playing Baby-in-a-Bowl, this engine has it all.

Having found your top-rated games, the recommender arranges them in a flow designed to keep your guests engaged and having fun throughout the party. Finally, we wrap it all up with the best templates and helpful playing tips for you to use. And given that most baby showers are held virtually these days, rest assured that you can play all the recommended games online just as easily as in person. Let’s get this party started!

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To learn more about the algorithm that powers this recommender engine, please visit our FAQs.



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