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Mommy or Daddy? (with FREE questions template!)

This game is a sweet way to have your guests genuinely connect with the Soon-To-Be-Mommy (or both Mommy and Daddy in a co-ed baby shower) by letting them in on the hopes and dreams of the growing family. In Mommy or Daddy, guests are shown a series of statements given by either Mommy or Daddy, and their goal is to guess which parent said it. Because this game shines the spotlight on the soon-to-be-parents and not on any individual guest, it could be suitable for diverse groups, making the shower feel intimate and endearing. As long as the parents are comfortable sharing with their guests, this game is likely to be a big hit!

Unlike with other shower games, there is quite a bit more effort that goes into hosting this game, but if you’re looking for a more personal vibe at your shower, that effort will be well worth it. Prior to the big event, ask both Mommy and Daddy a series of questions about pregnancy and their hopes and dreams for their little family. It may be best to email your questions to the couple at least a week before the shower, so that they have time to think and respond individually. Feel free to use our FREE pdf template for parents and modify any questions as needed.

Be sure to let the parents know that their responses will be revealed at the shower, so that they don’t accidentally include anything that they are not comfortable sharing. Also, ask the parents not to discuss their answers with each other to keep things fun!

To play in person, you can use our FREE PowerPoint template with 10 pre-set questions. Once you collect responses from the soon-to-be-parents, carry over one answer for each question into the template. To keep things fun, include the most hilarious or endearing answer for each question. To keep things balanced, try to keep about half of all answers from Mommy and the other half from Daddy. Before the shower, print out a copy of the PowerPoint slides for each guest so they could follow along as you read through the questions and answers, and you’re good to go!

To play virtually, you can use the same FREE PowerPoint template. Once you carried over the responses from soon-to-be-parents, the easiest way to play is to pull up the template on your device and share your screen during the Zoom meeting.

Playing Tips

  • If you changed any questions in the template you sent to the the soon-to-be-parents, be sure to carry over those changes into the PowerPoint template.
  • To make this game competitive, have the guests write down their guesses either on their copies of the printed PowerPoint or on their own paper prior to revealing the correct answer. The guests could then tally up their points, and the person with the most correct answers wins!
  • To have a more laid-back and light-hearted vibe, don’t keep score. Ask guests to raise both their hands in the air if they think Mommy said it, and raise only one hand if they think Daddy said it – or pick any other gesture for each parent! (The more hilarious a gesture the better!) After reading the question/answer combo, ask guests to make that gesture to indicate their guess and have a look around the room! To reveal the correct answer, you can either announce who said it or have Mommy herself (or the couple for the co-ed baby showers) reveal who said it.