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Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Baby reading nursery rhymes

This game could be a hit or a total miss, depending on your guest list. If you believe your guests never heard the popular nursery rhyme called “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or may not recall what Papa promised to buy his little baby if they hush, it may be best to skip this one in favor of Baby Mad Libs, which doesn’t require any prior knowledge! On the other hand, if the guests are all parents themselves, they may enjoy testing their knowledge of the popular children’s nursery rhymes. If so, this game is going to be a quick and office-party appropriate diversion!

To play in person, you can use a free template from Party Delights. Before the shower, just print out enough copies of the template for all your guests and have the pens ready.

To play virtually, you can use the same free template from Party Delights. The easiest way to play is to pull up the template on your device and share your screen during the Zoom meeting. The guests can then write down their answers on their own paper or laptops. Alternatively, you can email your guests the template ahead of time so they can open it on their devices or print it out at home.

Give your guests 5 minutes or so to fill out their responses to questions, and when they’re done, go over the correct answers. The person with the most correct responses can be crowned the King or Queen of Nursery Rhymes!