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Price is Right

This quick little game can leave your guests startled by the outrageous prices of the common baby items! While guests who are parents generally have an advantage in this game, it can still be quite fun and informative to play this in a group with non-parents or in a mixed group.

The goal of Price is Right is to guess the regular prices of several different baby items purchased from a common retailer (Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.). After writing down their guesses for each item, the guests sum them all up to get the total cost. The guest whose total comes closest to the true total amount will snatch the title of the Savviest Baby Shopper!

To play in person, you can use a free template from TulaMama. Before the shower, just print out enough copies of the template for all your guests and have the pens ready. (Some folks like to purchase the baby items to use as props during the game, but it’s not at all necessary to play!)

To play virtually, you can use the same free template from TulaMama. The easiest way to play is to pull up the template on your device and share your screen during the Zoom meeting. The guests can then write down their answers on their own paper or laptops. Alternatively, you can email guests the template either right before playing so they can open it on their devices or ahead of time so they could print them out at home (make sure to ask that they don’t read the contents of the template and think about their answers beforehand!)

Give your guests 3 minutes or so to guess the prices for all items and add it all up to get the total. Once everyone is done, there are several ways to identify the winner:

  • For an office-party appropriate vibe, simply state the correct answer and ask the guests to raise their hand and reveal their total if they think they are close. That approach would be the quickest and would avoid putting anyone on the spot!
    • To make it a tad more dramatic, you can say something like “Ladies and Gentlemen, a drumroll please!!! It’s time for the big reveal – the total cost of [list the items] is a whooping [insert total $]!!” and let folks jump in with their answers.
  • For a tad livelier vibe, pick a number that’s half of the true total and ask your guests to raise their hands if they think the total is below that cost. Then pick a number that’s higher than the true cost, and ask how many guests think that the total is above it. Seeing how everyone votes could reveal a surprising range in your group that can spark a bit of conversation on the costs of raising a baby. Then have some volunteers share their totals, and let them know whether the true total is higher or lower of their amount until the person with the closest total is revealed!