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True or False: Spotlight on Baby Smiles

Baby Trivia True or False question about baby smiles

Oh that heart-melting baby smile… 🙂 As many parents attest, seeing your baby look you in the eyes and smile for the first time is one of those moments that make new parenthood so joyful.

While some parents say that their babies start smiling right away, those early smiles tend to be reflexive in nature. When a newborn smiles, it usually means that they are passing gas or stool or just feel nice and cozy in your arms.1 Throughout their first month or so, babies express themselves primarily through crying, opening their eyes wide, or rounding their mouths.2

To really smile, a newborn needs to develop basic social awareness, and that takes time. Generally, babies need about 2 months or more to learn how to smile intentionally.1,2 But once they start flashing you those bright baby grins, there’s no stopping them!

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