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True or False: Spotlight on Baby Genetics

Baby Trivia question - true or false - blue eyed baby

Until the early 2000s, researchers have thought that eye color in babies was determined by a single gene.1 Brown was considered to be strictly dominant to blue. If both parents had only the brown versions of that gene, then they couldn’t have a blue-eyed baby.

In 2007, scientists from University of Queensland showed that eye color is determined by multiple genes, in a process that is incredibly more complex than previously imagined.2 It is not only possible for two brown-eyed parents to have a blue-eyed baby, but nearly any combination of parent-child eye colors can happen!

According to the latest research, two brown-eyed parents have a 6% chance of having a blue-eyed baby and a 19% chance of having a green-eyed baby.3 While there is still a lot we don’t know, science is getting closer and closer to accurately predicting baby’s eye color, right from the womb!

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