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Which baby shower games is everyone Googling?

If you ever googled baby shower games, you know that there are hundreds (if not thousands!) of unique options out there. Whether you prefer to share a sweet moment with the soon-to-be mommy or smell a stinky diaper to identify the ‘poop’, you can find it all in the pages of Google search results. That variety of games is what keeps you scrolling post after post, blog after blog, hoping to find just the right game for your event.

Despite that variety, however, it turns out that just a handful of games are showing up in the search box. According to 2020 Google Keywords data, Baby Trivia and Baby Shower Mad Libs are dramatically more popular among Googlers than the vast majority of all other baby shower games. Whether it’s the name recognition of the well-known favorites or genuine preference, for every Baby-in-a-Bowl query, there are 10 searches for Baby Jeopardy and 100 searches for Baby Trivia and Mad Libs. Talk about winner-take-all!

That’s one of the reasons we built the Recommender Engine. We believe that there are lots of search-worthy games out there that vary greatly based on how lively, chatty, and personal they are. The magic sauce is finding the games that match your shower’s vibe, doing it quickly, and having all the templates and playing tips together in one place.

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